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Conscious Love Course

Dates: TBD

Guides: Taune Lyons, Psychotherapist, & Diana Westly, Evolutionary Astrologer

Cost to Attend: TBD

Relationships are some of the most rewarding and riddlesome experiences we enter into. They offer us rich grounds for growth and evolution, but evolution is unfamiliar and uncomfortable and growth spurts can be painful. Fortunately, the beauty and euphoria of love inspires most of us to endure and commit to our relational journey despite the great effort it demands. Those who stay the course and refuse to quit become beacons of hope and emblems of a deep and abiding love that the world so desperately needs. If you’re reading this description right now, congratulations, you’re one of the courageous love warriors who has chosen the path of conscious relationships Ღ.

To support you in this effort, psychotherapist Taune Lyons, and evolutionary astrologer Diana Westly have come together to create this celestially inspired Conscious Love Course. In this series, we’ll guide you through four major components of conscious relationships – attachment style, communication style, intimacy style, and conflict style – and will leverage the astrological birth chart to help you better understand your personal relational style and conditioning. Through this work, you’ll deepen your self-love and self-awareness, while healing and shedding old relationship patterns that no longer serve you. At the end of our time together, you’ll be ready to begin a conscious (and more joyous) new chapter in your relationship journey.

What we’ll explore:

Ღ The Moon in astrology and what it tells us about our attachment style & familial relationship conditioning

Ღ The planet Mercury in astrology and how it influences our communication style & needs in relationships

Ღ The planet Venus in astrology and how it relates to our intimacy style and our approach to giving & receiving love

Ღ The planet Mars in astrology and what it tells us about our conflict style & how we assert our needs in relationships

Ღ Practices & exercises to help heal old relational wounds, awaken to unconscious partnership patterns, and love with greater self-awareness

We look forward to seeing you there Ღ!


Astrology Mentorship

For many new astrologers, learning about the numerous components of the birth chart can be both incredibly exciting and overwhelming. When I first started learning about astrology, I was thrilled by the accuracy of what I read, but also confused about how it all fit together. Certain descriptions and archetypes seemed to contradict themselves, and how did I know which placements, aspects, and stories were the most important in understanding my own path or to those of others? After years of practice and continuing education, I finally began seeing the natal, and other astrological, charts more holistically and learned to discern which pieces of information were important to share with clients and which were extraneous or even counterproductive. If you are in a similar position and could use some support navigating astrological charts, terminology, and client communications, I would love to help!

Aside from learning how to interpret and communicate the chart, I also had to overcome a lot of fear and self-doubt around becoming an astrologer and claiming that title. I came from a business background and struggled with accepting and owning my affinity for the mythological, astrological and archetypal. For those who are on a similar journey to owning their astrological gifts, I offer coaching as part of my astrology mentorship program. If you are interested in learning more about mentorship with me, set up a free consultation below.