Astrology is the application of mythological archetypes and symbolism to astronomical happenings. We are all are working through the ancient stories and archetypes represented by the constellations and planets to varying degrees. Astrology provides us with a symbolic blueprint of the soul’s journey in this lifetime, along with its many contacts and contracts. When paired with coaching, astrology can help us better understand our strengths, passions, growth areas, relationships, karmic conditioning, current challenges, and life purpose.

Astrology Readings:

All of the following readings can be conducted in 1 hour for $155 or 30 minutes for $88. Longer sessions will reveal more details and are especially ideal for birth chart and relationship readings, but half hour readings can also be very supportive.

Natal (Birth) Chart Readings: What was going on in our solar system at the exact moment you were born? The planetary placements in your birth chart can help you better understand your nature, your purpose, your challenges, your karma and dharma, among many other things. This is the place to start for those new to astrology!

Natal Chart Explanation: The concept behind the natal chart is that it is like a snapshot of the solar system at the moment you took your first breath. You are a physical embodiment of the energy that existed at that exact moment in time, which means you have the opportunity to take that energy and stretch it out over the course of a lifetime, maximizing its potential as your own. In this way, the natal chart is like a blueprint of your soul’s path and purpose in this lifetime; including the individual attributes, gifts, and challenges that you carry with you. Though the planets and luminaries continue their movement through the sky, your natal chart is quintessential to who you are and you carry it with you your entire life.

Update Readings: This type of reading will show you where the planets are in the sky at a given point in time, how they’ve evolved by progression and solar arc direction, and how they are likely to impact you personally. Once you understand your natal/birth chart, update readings are helpful for understanding what’s going on right now, in the near future, or at specific time periods in your life.

Update Explanation: As the planets and luminaries continue their movement through the sky, they will aspect/contact the planets and placements in your natal/birth chart. These aspects created by the planetary orbits are called transits. As transiting planets aspect your natal planet placements, you will feel the effect of their unique energies and attributes. Some transits may feel challenging or depressing whereas others may feel pleasant or energizing, but they all happen for a reason: to help you grow, learn, and align with your purpose. Transits are temporary and do not last for more than a few days, months, or years (depending on the planet). Outside of transits, I will also look to the progressed chart and solar arc direction to assess what impact the progressed planetary energies are having. That said, update readings can be used to help you understand the energy of the present moment, the future, or even the past.

Relationship Readings: These readings can help you understand the purpose of a given relationship in your life, your feelings for and reactions to specific people, karmic ties within relationships, and more. During relationship readings, I leverage both synastry and composite relationship charts to help you better understand how each partner experiences the other, as well as the energy and purpose created by the two of you coming together. Again, it’s best to understand your own natal/birth chart before comparing it to others’ charts, so a natal chart reading is recommended prior to relationship readings.

Relationship Reading Explanation: According to astrology, all of our significant relationships (romantic, familial, work, children, friends, etc.) come into our lives for a reason. The purpose of relationship readings is to help you understand why a relationship has come into your life, how both you and the other individual are instrumental in one another’s growth, and how any challenges associated with that relationship can be worked on and overcome.

Birthday (Solar Return) Readings: These birthday readings can help you understand the themes and key focus areas for the next year of your life. While the birth chart stays with you for the entirety of your life, the solar return chart adds an additional layer of meaning to your annual birthday, and can show you where to best channel your energies for any given year.

Gifts & Special Offers: If you would like to gift an astrology reading to a loved one, I offer gifts certificates on an ongoing basis along with special rates on select astrology readings throughout the year. Currently I’m offering specials on Goddess Asteroid Readings, a North & South Node Reading Bundle, and more. You can learn more about purchasing a gift certificate or a special offer below.

Astrology Readings at Events:

I also offer virtual and in-person (SF Bay Area only) astrology readings at events. This includes short natal (birth) chart readings for event attendees. If you would like to book me as an astrologer for your upcoming event, please email diana(at) and I will follow up with you to discuss the details of the event and craft an offering for your specific needs. The following includes a few ideas for events that you might hire an astrologer for:

  • Wellness fair
  • Company offsite
  • Holiday party
  • Milestone birthday party
  • Bachelorette party
  • Earth Day event
  • Graduation party
  • Other festivals and fairs