The North Node in Astrology

In Evolutionary Astrology, the North Node of the Moon represents archetypal qualities we’re intended to grow into in this lifetime in order to restore balance to our souls and continue our evolution. It’s closely linked to our purpose, destiny, and dharma. It sits exactly opposite the South Node of the Moon, which represents our karmic, past life, ancestral, and/or early childhood patterns and conditioning. In other words, the South Node is where we’re coming from, and the North Node is where we’re headed.

Learn more about your North Node sign by finding your birth date below:

Aries North Node (Libra South Node): 1/27/1949 – 7/26/1950 * 8/20/1967 – 4/19/1969 * 4/7/1986 – 12/2/1987 * 12/27/2004 – 6/22/2006

People born with the North Node in Aries are here to become their true selves. With the South Node in Libra, they’ve spent lifetimes focusing on the needs of others and becoming highly attuned to what others want and expect of them. In so doing, they’ve become the kings and queens of charm, niceties, harmony, relationships, diplomacy, fairness, and proper behavior. However, over time, they’ve lost themselves in the myriad facades they donned to keep others happy and maintain external peace. After bending over backwards for others and forsaking their own needs, they have dug themselves into a deep well of resentment that can only be remedied by self-focus.

To restore balance to the Aries North Node soul, there is now an overpowering call to courageous selfhood and unapologetic individuation. These natives need to restore their inner warrior, rekindle their inner flame, and remember their inner truth. They’re here to live from their spirits and uplift humanity with their light, warmth, and inspiration. As long as they honor their true nature, they have the drive and motivation to accomplish anything they set their hearts to.

Taurus North Node (Scorpio South Node): 8/3/1947 – 1/26/1949 * 2/20/1966 – 8/19/1967 * 9/12/1984 – 7/6/1986 * 4/15/2003 – 12/26/2004

People born with the North Node in Taurus are here to restore peace and stability to their souls. With the South Node in Scorpio, they’ve spent lifetimes undergoing deep transformation and growing through catastrophic and cataclysmic experiences. In the process, they’ve confronted death, darkness, power struggles, and the hidden and repressed parts of human nature. As a result, these natives have a deep and profound understanding of all that is “broken” and wounded in humanity, and often have natural healing abilities – especially surrounding mental, emotional, and spiritual health – coming into this lifetime. Taurus North Nodes have also had lifetimes of deep merging and enmeshment with others where they experienced issues of control, abandonment, disempowerment, and betrayal that were immensely destabilizing and potentially life threatening.

To continue their evolution in this lifetime, they must release the chaos and extremes their souls have grown accustomed to, and learn how to evolve in a more steady, stable, and peaceful manner. They’re here to learn self love, “indulge” in self care, and create their own stability and grounding regardless of what’s going on in the world around them. They’ve quite literally been through hell, as their Scorpio past lives are associated with the “underworld”, and are now here to manifest abundance, joy, and heaven on earth. In the process, they have to ability to heal our collective soul and bring us all back to the pleasure and perfection of the present moment, this Earth we call home, and the simple things that make life beautiful.

Gemini North Node (Sagittarius South Node): 12/4/1945 – 8/2/1947 * 8/26/1964 – 2/19/1966 * 3/17/1983 – 9/11/1984 * 10/14/2001 – 4/14/2003

People born with the North Node in Gemini are here to develop empathy, curiosity, and objectivity, and to learn the art of conscious communication. They are called to become the bridge builders who recognize our shared humanity, heal ideological divides, and use their voices to inspire greater love and open mindedness. With the South Node in Sagittarius, they’ve spent countless lifetimes as adventurers, truth seekers, teachers, preachers, believers, academics, philosophers, leaders, and gurus. In those lifetimes, the goal was to discover an ultimate Truth, which inspired wanderlust and natural inclination toward religion, politics, science, and higher education. While these natives bring natural talents to those fields in this lifetime, they may find that their old beliefs, philosophies, and ideologies have become too rigid, righteous, and dogmatic, and if they adhere to them in this lifetime, the result is polarization, disillusionment, and stagnation. Similarly, the need for freedom at all costs and constant adventure may now result in unwanted isolation and loneliness.

In this lifetime, Gemini North Nodes are here to connect with others, learn new perspectives, ask questions, listen deeply, and approach the world with an open mind. They’re asked to release their attachment to one conclusive Truth, and get curious about the diverse truths of others. They’re learning that each person’s perspective is unique to their experience, and that “rightness” is relative. As they embrace the complexity of human nature, they now see that no decision, or truth, can ever be perfect or absolute for all people at all points in time. If these natives marry their innate courage and wisdom with their new social skills and understanding, they can bridge any divide and help the world heal from religious wars, political battles, and any polarizing “-isms,” by helping us to remember that we are more alike than we are different.

Cancer North Node (Capricorn South Node): 5/12/1944 – 12/3/1945 * 12/24/1962 – 8/25/1964 * 9/25/1981 – 3/16/1983 * 4/10/2000 – 10/13/2001

People born with the North Node in Cancer are here to flow with the phases of the Moon, soften into a warm embrace, create sacred spaces and cozy abodes, nurture their inner light, and gently support the world in healing the foundations of our souls. With the South Node in Capricorn, these natives are coming from many lifetimes of hard work, heavy responsibility, and living up to societal definitions of success. They often carry guilt, shame, fear of failure, and unrealistic standards of achievement. Some have had lifetimes as “beasts of burden,” others have been leaders isolated at the top, many have an innate fear of depending on others and appearing weak or incapable, and most tend to withhold love and care from themselves as a form of self-punishment for their inability to meet unachievable goals and standards. These natives have endured self-denial, overcome limitations, and dragged themselves to the top of the mountain, only to realize they would have been happier floating in the moonlit sea.

In this lifetime, Cancer North Nodes are here to experience love, tenderness, and sweetness. They’re learning to embrace a more yin, receptive, flowing approach to life, and release the need to control, force, and hyper-manage everything. They’re setting their caged emotions free and allowing their tears to cleanse and heal the wounds to their inherent goodness. After lifetimes of enduring and surviving, they’re now invited to rest and thrive. And, perhaps most importantly, they’re here to accept themselves fully and unconditionally, regardless of how they appear or what they achieve. As they soften and allow life to unfold before them, they reconnect with the light of their souls and the deep wisdom of the universe. With time and nurturance, this warmth, compassion, and intuitive wisdom that Cancer North Nodes are cultivating, will grow and overflow out to the rest of the world; healing and restoring our hearts and souls for the next phase in our collective evolution.

Leo North Node (Aquarius South Node): 11/22/1942 – 5/11/1944 * 6/11/1961 – 12/23/1962 * 1/6/1980 – 9/24/1981 * 10/21/1998 – 4/9/2000

People born with the North Node in Leo are here to blossom into their fullest self expression, live from their hearts, and shine their light, love, and warmth out into the world. With the South Node in Aquarius, these natives have spent lifetimes prioritizing the collective over the individual, pursuing logical paths, fitting in where they were needed, and generally avoiding the spotlight. They may have seen themselves as “just another cog in the wheel” and viewed their unique selfhood as insignificant with regards to the “greater good.” There may have been threats to their lives if they shone too brightly, took center stage, or stepped out of line. And the prospect of social isolation may have been too painful to bother rocking the boat and disrupting the status quo for their own personal needs. Through the process of living for others and disregarding the self, these natives ceased listening to the whims of their hearts and moved full-time into their heads, where they could detach from their emotions and focus their mental energies on the needs of the group. As they grew more and more isolated from themselves, many began to feel more isolated from others, and despite their social awareness, were ultimately perceived as distant and aloof.

In this lifetime, Leo North Nodes are learning how to reside in their hearts. They’re called to follow their bliss, embrace their full range of gifts and talents, acknowledge their specialness, and invite more lightness, laughter, and play into their lives. This time around, worrying about what others think will only lead them astray. They need to pave their own path, take personal risks, and trust that there is no greater way to serve the collective than to become the truest, most joyous versions of themselves. As these natives step into their innate brilliance and embrace their role as natural leaders, they have the power to uplift humanity, expand our consciousness, and light up the world with their limitless love.

Virgo North Node (Pisces South Node): 5/25/1941 – 11/21/1942 * 12/15/1959 – 6/10/1961 * 7/6/1978 – 1/5/1980 * 1/26/1997 – 10/20/1998

People born with the North Node in Virgo are here to make their beautiful dreams a tangible reality by embracing the process, minding the details, developing discernment, and adopting a practical approach to manifesting their goals. With the South Node in Pisces, these natives have spent lifetimes merging with the collective unconscious, pursuing spirit, following their faith, and dissolving the illusion separateness. In some lifetimes they may have been mystics, psychics, spiritual healers, artists, and religious figures. In others, they were likely martyrs, sacrificing themselves for their faith and/or their loved ones. And still in others, they may have become lost and overwhelmed in the process of merging with All, becoming addicts, prisoners, hopeless dreamers, and/or perpetual victims. Coming into this lifetime, they may carry profound empathy, spiritual wisdom, rich imaginations, and heightened sensitivity, but in order to thrive on Earth, they need to learn the lessons of the earth sign, Virgo.

Virgo North Nodes are learning to set healthy boundaries around their compassion, to say “no” to users and abusers, and to recognize when their energy is being drained, taking tangible actions to replenish their reserves. They’re called to treat their physical bodies as sacred vessels and make exercise, nutrition, and bodily healing modalities a part of their daily lives. And they’re invited to embrace the mundane routines, like cleaning and paying bills, that allow them to feel organized and in greater control of their lives. Ultimately, these natives are learning that by taking care of themselves and their earthly needs, they can better serve others. In so doing, Virgo North Nodes have the potential to heal the rift between our bodies and spirits, write the stories that reconnect us with our higher selves, evolve our relationship to Mother Earth by illuminating the interconnectedness of all things, and manifest divine magic through their creations.

Libra North Node (Aries South Node): 9/12/1939 – 5/24/1941 * 6/17/1958 – 12/14/1959 * 1/8/1977 – 7/5/1978 * 8/1/1995 – 1/25/1997

People born with the North Node in Libra are here to lay down their weapons, open their hearts, and embrace the beauty and peace of togetherness. With the South Node in Aries, these natives have spent lifetimes at war; fending for themselves, going it alone, navigating hostility, and fighting for their survival. Many of them have been warriors, leaders, adventurers, trailblazers, heroes, solopreneurs, and competitors; relying on their own courage, endurance, and initiative to fight for what they believe in and make things happen for themselves. Entering into this lifetime, these natives may be quick to the draw and ready for conflict and competition at all times. They might resist committed relationships and fear being stifled or limited by the needs of another, despite a deepening feeling of isolation and growing yearning for union. And while they’re accustomed to surviving on their own, they often have no idea how to thrive in a partnership, which is key to their growth in this lifetime.

The call of the Libra North Node is therefore to restore balance to their striving souls by slowing down, quieting their overtaxed instincts, and settling into the harmony and ease of co-operative relationships. The war is over and a renaissance of beauty, love, and equality awaits them now. By learning to collaborate and see others’ perspectives, these natives have the opportunity to become great counselors, mediators, and diplomats; building bridges across divides and resolving conflicts sans violence, death, and trauma. As they marry their past life gifts with their Libran lessons, these natives have the potential to fight for widespread peace, justice, equality, and love; courageously leading us into a new era of conscious conflict, reciprocal reconciliation, and universal understanding.

Scorpio North Node (Taurus South Node): 10/5/1956 – 6/16/1958 * 7/10/1975 – 1/7/1977 * 2/2/1994 – 7/31/1995 * 8/30/2012 – 2/18/2014

People born with the North Node in Scorpio are here to reconnect with their soul’s yearning, embrace the fires of transformation and spiritual evolution, and rebuild their lives in alignment with their higher purpose. With the South Node in Taurus, these natives have spent lifetimes pursuing stability. This may have manifested as accruing material possessions, working tirelessly to create a secure financial base, building out their personal assets, or simply existing in the world of the five senses with little interest in the intangible/unseen. They have been self-contained, grounded, steady, and self-reliant; often avoiding relationships and experiences that might throw them off center or challenge their solidity. Over time, these natives developed unwavering core values and unshakable self-worth, but also a strong attachment to doing things their own way. Despite their natural warmth and sensuality, this tendency toward obstinacy, materialism, and fear of change often caused them to lose valued relationships, further reinforcing a self-sufficient modus operandi.

In this lifetime, Scorpio North Nodes are learning to let go. They’re called to master the art of non-attachment and release the old so the new can be born. These natives are here to embrace the emotional complexity and chaos of intimate relationships, and evolve any outworn values through the alchemical process of merging with another. They’re also beckoned into the depths of their personal underworlds to heal their shadows, reconnect with their immense inner strength, and settle into the innate, undying stability of their souls. As Scorpio North Nodes loosen their grip on the past and bravely face the unknown, they free their souls from “stuckness” and stagnation, unearth a new set of capabilities and personal assets, and resume their evolution. And as they transcend fear and find comfort in crisis, they unlock their limitless power, and can go on to transform the world with their wisdom, will, and magic.

Sagittarius North Node (Gemini South Node): 4/3/1955 – 10/4/1956 * 10/28/1973 – 7/9/1975 * 8/2/1992 – 2/1/1994 * 3/4/2011 – 8/29/2012

People born with the North Node in Sagittarius are here to expand their horizons, take leaps of faith, trust their guts, and rediscover their personal Truth. With the South Node in Gemini, these natives have spent lifetimes developing their intellect, refining their voices, consuming vast amounts of information, and honing their social skills. They’re often quick learners; capable of tailoring their message to suit any audience, adapting to fill any role, multitasking like pros, and relating to almost anyone with their innate tact and geniality. As they moved deeper into their minds and expanded their social networks in lives past, many grew completely reliant on logic, reason, and the reactions of others to guide their paths. The ability to see every shade of gray, rationalize any decision, and understand everyone and everything BUT themselves often led to anxiety, mental stress, indecision, and crippling self-doubt. By consistently overriding their intuition and instincts with proven facts and social niceties, many lost sight of the guiding Truth that gave their lives purpose, inspiration, and meaning.

In this lifetime, Sagittarius North Nodes are (re)learning how to trust their hunches, believe in the wisdom of their inner knowing, take risks, speak directly and honestly, commit to a path of Truth, reconnect with nature (many have spent lifetimes in overly crowded/highly stimulating cities), and bravely venture out beyond their comfort zones in the pursuit of a higher purpose. As they cease trying to figure everything out and begin following their bliss, they often encounter a surprising amount of support, luck, and good fortune, which lends them greater hope, optimism, and faith in their great life adventure. By living their Truth and embracing their unbounded enthusiasm, profound wisdom, and expansive spirits, Sagittarius North Nodes awaken, uplift, and inspire the rest of us to find greater meaning, joy, truth, and purpose in our own lives.

Capricorn North Node (Cancer South Node): 10/10/1953 – 4/2/1955 * 4/28/1972 – 10/27/1973 * 11/19/1990 – 8/1/1992 * 8/22/2009 – 3/3/2011

People born with the North Node in Capricorn are here to grow into their authority, commit to their calling, build sustainable foundations, and develop into the compassionate and responsible leaders the world so desperately needs. With the South Node in Cancer, these natives are coming from lifetimes centered around home, family, and domestic life. Their emotions have flowed with the phases of the Moon and their daily lives often revolved around both their own ever-changing moods, along with the those of their loved ones. Most have played the role of “mother,” caregiver, and/or homemaker; leveraging their sensitivity, intuition, and warmth to nurture and bring comfort to others. Many have been gifted creative, musical, artistic, and/or healing talents; the full extent of which may have never been realized due to an over-attachment to home life and fear of stepping into their professional potential. Over time, home started to feel like a cage that familial enmeshment kept these natives trapped in. Many experienced depression from dreams unfulfilled, while others may have projected their goals and aspirations onto their children or other family members.

In this lifetime, Capricorn North Nodes are learning to let go of their fixation on domestic life and turn their talents into a public-facing career. They’re asked to become conscious of their unconscious emotional patterns and reactions, get off the emotional roller coaster, and embrace the daily routines, milestones, and discipline that will ultimately lead to their success. These natives are here to accomplish great things, but there are no shortcuts on their path to the top. Only hard work, endurance, structure, and earned competence will lead to the lasting legacies and outstanding achievements they’ve set out for themselves. The climb may be slow and the mountain may seem daunting, but the key is to devise a strategy, prepare a contingency plan, invite in self care and compassion along the way, and commit wholeheartedly to their chosen path. They’ll get there eventually, and when they do, they have the potential to build a better world for all of us.

Aquarius North Node (Leo South Node): 3/29/1952 – 10/9/1953 * 11/3/1970 – 4/27/1972 * 5/23/1989 – 11/18/1990 * 12/19/2007 – 8/21/2009

People born with the North Node in Aquarius are here to release any pretense and become the truest, most authentic versions of themselves. From this place of truth, they become the visionaries, revolutionaries, humanitarians, innovators, egalitarians, reformers, and agents of change who awaken us from our slumber and galvanize the next phase of our collective evolution. With the South Node in Leo, these natives have lived many lifetimes that revolved around the spotlight and their ability to take center stage and perform. They may have been actors and actresses, kings and queens, musicians, comedians, artists, athletes, high-profile leaders, and/or spouses, friends, and children who were expected to shine brightly and be the “life of the party” for the enjoyment of others. In this grand performance, many learned that they were only loved and adored for a certain set of talents they excelled at and the gifts that made them special; thereby instilling a deep belief that their lovability and acceptance is conditional and that they must act, compete, and be the best in the areas others’ deem worthy in order to be loved. Over time, many of these natives became walking cinema screens, covered in the projections of others and cut off from their authentic selves and true aspirations.

In this lifetime, Aquarius North Nodes are therefore learning to dance to the beat of their own drum, shake off the expectations and projections of others, embrace their quirks, and reconnect with their higher calling. They’re invited to develop equal and balanced friendships, and allow others the space to shine their own unique light. Through relationships, they learn that they’re not alone in their eccentricity; that we’re all odd in our own way. And by embracing greater objectivity and freeing their minds and hearts from drama, they can get clear on what actually matters to them and commit to their vision for a better future. In community, Aquarius North Nodes have to potential to spark revolutions that liberate the oppressed and make the world a more equal place.

Pisces North Node (Virgo South Node): 7/27/1950 – 3/28/1952 * 4/20/1969 – 11/2/1970 * 12/3/1987 – 5/22/1989 * 6/23/2006 – 12/18/2007

People born with the North Node in Pisces are here to follow their dreams, open their hearts to unconditional love, trust in a greater plan, soften into their intuitive knowing, and tap into the universal flow then surrender to its current. With the South Node in Virgo, these natives are coming from lifetimes where they carried a heavy sense of duty and responsibility, exacting expectations, and a strong need to do things the “right” way. There is a soul remembrance that anything short of perfection could lead to crisis or otherwise negative consequences, thus breeding crippling perfectionism, a strong urge for control, and generalized stress and anxiety. They may have been doctors or healers where the precision of their practice had life or death implications, gatherers who needed keen discernment to differentiate the poisonous from the edible plants, priests who had to be immaculate in their actions and presentation as they represented their faith, apprentices whose works would be destroyed if their crafts showed a single flaw, and/or slaves who would be beaten if they did the “wrong” thing. Many have a deeply engrained need to be of constant service and remain productive, which can lead to burnout, martyrdom, and physical ailments when left unchecked. While yet others harbor a profound fear of failure, causing them to procrastinate and avoid taking the risks necessary to pursue their dreams.

In this lifetime, Pisces North Nodes are therefore learning to let go of control, get comfortable with “good enough,” release their inner critic, quiet their nerves, and truly forgive themselves. They’re called to free themselves from the grind, embrace their rich imaginations, and dream new worlds into existence. As they do, they heal and uplift our collective soul with their magic, spirituality, and empathy, and gently guide the world in a quantum leap of faith from an old age of fear and control into a new era of universal peace and compassion

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